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Taking care of a child starts even before it is born. Parents and grandparents buy baby accessories such as prams, strollers, baby car seats, kids furniture in preparation of the baby's arrival and will throw the mum-to-be a baby shower so friends and other relatives can participate in the joy. Before you know it, your newborn turned into a healthy toddler needing another set of goodies and apparel.

Some kids like to read and enjoy educational toys, science kits, jig saw puzzles, building blocks, coordination sets, Lego construction supplies, language or board games, while others spend the afternoon on their skateboard, jumping rope, building a camp, riding their wooden, motorized train with authentic locomotive drive system, flying a dual line stunt kite or a sleek-looking remote control airplane. Aside from being amusing, many toys will enhance cognitive behaviour, aid in the development of physical and mental skills, and will stimulate creativity.

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